Litchfield Community Theatre

1978 Summer Production

"South Pacific"

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Cast List:

Henry: Brent Sheldon

Bloody Mary’s Assistant: Lisa Tacheny

Abner: Brent Sheldon

Yeoman Herbert Quale: Alan Reff

Sgt. Kenneth Johnson: Blair Damhof

Radio Operator, Bob McCaffrey: Jim Leitch

Marine Cpl. Hamilton Steeves: Tony Stubeda

Pte. Victor Jerome: Kelly Beckstrand

Lt. Genevieve Marshall: Hild Sandstede

Ensign Lisa Manelli: Dawn Rumsey

Ensign Connie Walewska: Gail Anderson

Ensign Janet McGregorLaurie Rondestvedt

Ensign Bessie Noonan: Marlys Houk

Ensign Pamela Whitmore: Hild Sandstede

Ensign Sue Yaeger: Beth Boyle

Ensign Cora MacRae: Diana McCarney

Ensign Dinah Murphy: Kerri Klimstra

Marcel: Lyle Claude

Lt. Buzz Adams: Steve Katlack

Ensign Rita Adams: Cathy Vossen

Seabee Morton Wise (Muscle Man)Andrew Dille


(Includes Sailors, Seabees, Marines, Nurses)

Dianne Bochman

Steve Dufresne

Nancy Dylle

Terri Glemvin

Nancy Gunderson

Tim Holmgren

Sara Johnson

Scott Johnson

Kohn Klimstra

Peggy Larson

Wendy Law

Katey Leitch

Mary Nolen

Judy Oestreich

Mary Sandstede

Kay Sievert

Cheryl Werner

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